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Thank you for visiting the website 360° of innovation!

Based on the beautiful island of Aruba, we are a multi disciplinary and international team of professionals who walk the talk when it comes to innovation and creating change for the better; to become more sustainable and resilient.

Each of us come from different backgrounds in both private and public sector and all have a deep passion for innovation as a catalyst to create a better person, a better company, a better government, a better society, all leading to a better world.

360° of innovation works on the intersection of social, technical and economic innovation in all sectors and fields of society.

We oversee worldwide developments, strategically translate them to local opportunities and challenges -especially for small economies like islands, cities and regions. In addition, we guide people and organizations through transformational processes and projects.

We all have a hands on mentality and are looking very much forward to connect with you to create the change you need!